“Tuning Fork Film Workshops” are about:
Learning how to make films with minimum resources
How to get creative in film making
Getting your creative and technicals basics right!!
It is a process that involves creativity, teamwork and building technical skills!

We have an amazing time doing these workshop and from how things have gone on till now, it seems the participants do to..

During the course of the workshop, through different exercises and activities, participants will learn to script, storyboard, shoot, edit and finally export one’s ‘own’ film.

  • Hands on camera exercise: Participants are engaged in hands-on camera exercises, getting the basics of DSLRs & Handycams right
  • Make a film till finish: All participants would then be split up into teams of 4-. Teams would be given stipulated time to script and storyboard their film and share it with the facilitators. They would then go on to shoot their film, script and edit in the course of the workshop.
  • Hands-on Editing: After finishing their shoot, teams would come back for a joint editing session, where teams would be explained basics of editing. Teams would then edit their films on respective laptops. (softwares used in the workshop Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro)