Film from Tuning Fork Film Workshop

August 2013, New Delhi

I ‘too’ have a Dream

A short film by Nalini, Yash & Kanika, ‘I too have a Dream’ is a chance conversation of with a little boy and his dreams. Film made as part of Tuning Fork Film Workshop, 15th-18th August


Mobiles, ringtones, mobile towers, signal, efficiency, convenience – what else is there to a mobile phone. Watch this amazing short film made by Vrinda Mahajan, Chitra Tanwar & Saurabh Kapoor

Eera – A Ray of Hope

Film on the amazing Eera Pathak, who is living her life just as she wants it, spreading love and happiness not daunted by anything. Film by Rashmi, Kesar & Makarand.


f you have crossed Moolchand Metro Station and have been gone by ignoring the mouth watering smell of Paranthas – you have to watch this. A short film by Utkarsh Goel, Manavi Bharadwaj & Kshitij Bali on the famed Moolchand Paranthewala and their best-sellers.


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